Why You Should Use other Tools aside from Google Webmaster

For two months i was wondering what happen to this website since it perform poorly even it was well design, quality content and brand is very clear.

I have been visiting the the Google webmaster and found nothing erroneous. I also submit this site to social media hoping it can get some notice. Yes it did get some but lost the traffic the next day.

The this morning i check the website using href tool and found these urls.


bad pages created by hacker with inbound links going to these pages. To my surprise these pages was not indexed by Google yet it was penalised as evident by poor traffic.





Real Estate in Sydney Implement tag manager without removing GA code

1. Attached is the screenshot of the implementation of the tag manager just below thecode.

Google tag manager code

2. Kindly ask the client if this is the GA account they are using in the tag manager dashboard UA-xxxxxxx-1. This is taken from complete ja code. This GA account “UA-xxxxxxx-1” is the one that we have. They might have another account that we did not see.

3. What are the other scripts/tag included in their tag manager aside from Google analytic? Did they use Google re-marketing code with tag manager? Did they really need tag manager?

4. Is there somebody else have the full rights to edit on tag manager?


2015 Best Website Arrangement

Is it possible to have this version

1. The image on the header include the desktop, tablet and mobile version of the portfolio. This will tell the visitors our capabilities right on the first fold.

2. Based on history of our site, top pages of the site (except home page) for 2015 are

a. Services
b. Portfolio
c. About us – Is possible to have office photo or Au staff photos. This is to add more credibility.

So numerically, this is the best arrangement of the homepage information.

3. First time to have testimonial and case study. Its exciting.

4. May i recommends the image background of the testimonials to be major cities of Australia specially Perth, Sydney etc. (nationalism sense)