Basic Website Security Plug-ins To Avoid Search Engine Penalty

Most of the website owner from small businesses and even corporate institutions do not know the technicality of the website, its CMS capabilities and the method of safeguarding their company website from hackers, harmful scripts and spammers.

website security

website security

This is because they rely on the web design company on maintenance, security and support. No problem about this since it is part of the package. However, experienced in this business tell me that even the presence of experienced  programmer and system administrator do not guarantee of your website safety.

The following is no brainer  website securities that an entrepreneur should be aware before hiring custom WordPress developers. 


Wordfence Security plugin

1. Wordfence Security plugin  is both free and paid WordPress website security. Its main function is to scan your website including its folder for virus and malicious scripts. The weakness of this website is that it has settings that are too technical to understand. Another issue for this security plugin is when it reaches the warp-include folder for scanning it will not continue and ask for payment as a pro member of the plugin. Nothing to worry about the cost because it is just less than $100 as one time payment.

Any websites with virus could become collateral damage from Google penalty. The worst is total de-indexing of site pages  and  posts from Google server.

2. Bad behavior  is perhaps the most entrepreneur and webmaster friendly plugin. Just download using the WordPress plugin browser and BOMB you have the protection from spammers for free and less installation effort. So what does this Worpress security do? The plugin used a system of spam detection and IP database provided by its partner ProjectHoneyPot.

Websites with un-secured commenting system could get thousand of daily unwanted messages and Ping back. There were time the webmaster could not identify which are real messages and bad comments.

3.  Yoast SEO or WordPress SEO plugin is not only working to optimise your

Favorite SEO and anti duplication plugin

Yoast SEO or WordPress SEO plugin

website through its dynamic page functions. This search engine plugin can set your category and none important URL to no-index which in turn saves your website from possible content and meta duplication. According to Google webmaster guidelines, webmasters should avoid content duplication since this is a spammer strategy with the purpose of increasing the page quantity. Theoretically, Google penalises website with duplicate meta title and description created by poor management of category and tags in the WordPress CMS System.  The famous online marketer from and Blog Marketing Academy are top online marketer and followers of this WordPress plugin.

4. Grow Map anti spam boot. Is one of the best plugin against auto commenting softwares used by SEO companies. It blocks almost 90% of SENUKE spam message. What it does is simply adding a check box that only real human visitors can activate with ease. Many anti auto spam plugin like Captcha have been released for CMS security enhancement but the Captcha encoder broke its code. Captcha Wordpress is not advisable forwebsites with heavy traffics, real human is irritated by the difficulty of letters. It sends away potential buyers and reduce update provided by users.

Ah ok i can read it well

Grow Map Anti Spam Boot

Protecting your website from hackers, auto commenting softwares and bad scripts keep you away not only from Google penalty but also from the direct damaging effect to your business. If unwanted pop-up banner appears in the front of your favorite visitors, it will create poor business impressions. Unsecured website means lost of business opportunities and profits.

The next time you hire a web design and development company from Australia or America, make sure you includes from your inquiries the acceptable website security procedures they employed during the development process . The Sushi Digital in Perth and Archifix in Tampa are two website development companies with emphasis on website security program. A well secured website provides a good user experience and without visitors interruption, it could lead to higher conversion. All of these plugins are personally tested by your author so I guarantee that it will not crash your current CMS based website whatever version it has.

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