Top 3 Websites Footer That Helps Online Marketing Naturally

The footer is very important for any website because it is used for marketing purpose. Many web site designers and CMS web developers failed to apply best structure in their website footer which can bring more visitors and reduce site bounce rate

Here are the top website’s footer design for online marketing

1. Sony website’s footer is properly organised their website footer into categories. Visitors can clearly see the location of the information they are searching. Whether the categories and link title are done or listed on purpose, these footer links will serve as site keywords.

It’s major online marketing benefits are;

  • Increases the internal linking of the site. We know the more relevant internal links the site have, the higher authority it can get from search engines.
  •   Increase time on site and improves a number of pages per visits. Google did not confirm nor deny that there are using Google analytic as factor for site authority. However, these numbers are an independent statistical and undeniable proofs of the quality of the website.
  •   Since these pages are receiving both home page and site wide links,I can see that the pages authority is so high and well distributed. I can feel that many of these pages have their own Page Rank.


2. This particular footer from was almost perfect.

  • First the first column was designed to give social proof to the visitors. Social proofs are in the form of logo, testimonials, videos and audio from either known clients or authority.
  • The 2nd column will helps conversion and site authority. This is because website without the proper address and telephone number are usually fly by night website. You will be able to see fly by night websites owned by Indian companies. They do not publish legitimate addresses. Through telephone and addresses, visitors can verify the business existence of the company.
  • The 3rd column is designed for email list building. Best for future email marketing campaign. It is a site wide so visitors will see this opt-in form all the time.


3.  This is one of a simple footer design to keep Google visiting home page. Because the footer is site wide, Google will index these content site wide too.

The benefits are simple.

  • Site wide updates
    The popular and features posts keeps on changing so the home page and all other pages/post on the site will receive fresh content updates. Google will see the site regularly updated. The  site that gets immediate crawling from search engine boot or indexer are considered as authority site.Site with PR 2 takes time to get crawled. Normally it takes 2 weeks before Google comes back. If your site with PR 2 have updates, you will see this post in the search result 2 weeks from now on the estimate.
  • The last column is for branding purposes with social media to invite visitors join the community

Google is hungry of fresh content, so this feature is designed for the number 1 search engine.


So before you come up with any wire frame for your new site version. Consider these 3 top website’s footer inspiration. Because it is done naturally, it will have long term benefits on your marketing campaign.

If you only care for the design regardless of functionality, here are some guide.


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