The State of Perth Web Design Industry

Why we need to discuss the status of web and graphics design industry in Perth?

Perth City WA

Perth City WA

This is because Perth City is the biggest city in terms of land area and the capital of West Australia. The industry around this City have boomed so much for the past 10 years. Perth City is comparable with Queensland, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Gold Coast but in terms of land area Perth are the biggest. While Sydney, Melbourne and Gold Coast have business competition due to its proximity, Perth does not have any competitor so all local and foreign investment will proceed straight to the city.

Perth Industries are Independent from Global Market

Aside from less competition, the city is known for mining industry and natural resources. This local mining industry gives way to other businesses. Perth’s Chemical cleaning companies started to boom to supply mining and construction firm. Heavy metal industries pick its best performance as well as small to medium size CNC machining companies. Metal and fabrication appeared almost simultaneously while all types of general engineering follows. As the industrial boom, employment and food production follow too.

Chain of New Businesses

Hotel and Restaurant in Perth

Hotel and Restaurant in Perth

Hotel and restaurant became popular destination night and day. The foreign entertainment firm frequently visits Perth today. College and technical school also give a sign of growth to supply both manufacturing and commercial companies.

More Mining Engineers than IT professionals

While these heavy and soft engineering industries are growing, companies relied much on local customers. However, as new business opens up, internet provider enters the
market too. Software development, digital graphic design studio, website design appeared about 3 years ago at a slow pace. These businesses are considered as young, since many of the local professionals developed their career in mining, manufacturing and electronics sector. Seldom you see a university student specializing PHP and dotNet code.

The members of Business Blueprint show a middle-age entrepreneurs without ideas in the opportunities the online media can bring.

Rise of Online Industry

The results is the rise of young entrepreneurs investing on website design and development company in Perth City. These new entrepreneurs utilised the business process
outsourcing opportunities by setting up their web building production offices either in the Philippines or India.

Local Website development in Perth City is unchallenged the same with new specialty restaurant. There is less competition among local entrepreneurs. Thai, Japanese, Turkey’s restaurant is enjoying business grow for lesser market competition. Then if you visit live websites of these mining, hose supplier and other industrial equipment providers, you will find that the design of their websites is still in the newbie status. One does not need a degree in Arts to spot the beginners status of web business
in Perth

Local companies do not rely on advertising to get new customers. They have their own business emicolindustry2organisation and traditional business networking like EMICol which facilitate the information about products and services for its member. Television, magazine and newspaper advertising are well established and seems not affected by the presence of internet technology. However, the local communities are starting to become interested in the convenience of online shopping. They start to visit eCommerce and company websites for information related to their business. Despite of this, 80% of company websites are poorly developed as you can see from the URL’s below.

Good Business Investment

In principle, local eCommerce web design in Perth will grow exponentially. Competition among local businessmen is low while possible clientele are huge. Australian government practice less on outsourcing and they are successful in protecting local industries. Since software design and development, mobile application development and digital graphics are businesses related to eCommerce web design, these types of business will experience positive growth for the next 10 years or more.


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