How to Get 1000 pages website

Here are the Process to get the desire number of pages:

siteevaluation-Surfinglessonwebsite1. Keywords research. Attached here are 700 + keywords search using WA setting
2. Distribute the service related keywords to the future landing pages. Set at least 5 minimum keywords per landing pages.
3. Support these new landing pages with blog post. The higher the internal link, the higher it get to rank.
4. Create new post that contains  “How” and “What” information. These  are the latest trends in Google hummingbird algorithm.

Examples of how and what topics for web design 

  1. What are the top tools in developing mobile app,
  2. what are the top resources for graphics design,
  3. How to create new page template in WordPress
  4. How to increase the brand of your website

5. Each post can have 3 to 5 content links to different landing/sales pages.  Links should utilise the types of links
(Brand link, domain link, url links, keywords rich link,image link and none keywords link.)

The main SEO benefits or advantage of mega website are

1. Stable  ranking  due to huge internal links.
2. More long tailed keyword means more chance to get traffics
3. More content mean more social media opportunities

If you have any other tips on the benefits of huge website in SEO or website with more pages let me know.


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