Major Platform for Mobile Compatible Business Websites

There are different methods of developing a mobile website but here’s a brief discussion of the 3 most well-known platforms:

1. Responsive Web Designresponsive website design

Although still quite new, this method is growing in popularity. As it can automatically reformat and re-arrange your website content to fit the screen of any device that you’re using, whether smartphone, tablet or desktop, it serves as a neat strategy for content alignment.



One-time update of content for all screen sizes

Slow to load

One URL to access all your content

Takes time to develop

User-friendly experience


Minimal customization for smartphones

No touch or dedicated mobile features

2. WordPress Plugins and Themes

iphone aapplication

iphone aapplication

Now, who has not heard of WordPress website builder? One of the most famed CMS of our time, it started out as a platform for blogs but now, it has evolved into a platform for building business website and eCommerce website design Perth as well. What is best is it comes with both mobile optimized plug-ins and themes that you can use on your mobile site.



Really quick and a cinch to make

Light feature


Pre-designed so user has not much control especially with customization

One-time update of content

No business optimization

3. Dedicated Mobile Website Builder

duda mobileThis online and offline software would have you create your mobile website, rearranging your content and having key features that you would want your mobile users to experience. You also have the freedom to access and edit your site via the free website builder. The Duda Mobile is one of the best do it yourself company and eCommerce website builder. It is down-loadable from WordPress server or do it yourself online through Duda Mobile website.



You are free to customize your site

Comes with a minimal ongoing cost

Has features that are specific to mobiles

Needs to be redirected

Fast to load

Different code with a different server

One-time update of content

Separate statistics

Designed for use in sales conversion

Table of Comparison

To summarize all pros and cons mentioned, below is a table that shows a comparison of all 3 mobile solutions:


Responsive Web Design

WordPress Plugins and Themes

Mobile Website Builder

One-Time Update




Least in Cost



Short Launching Time



Optimized for Mobile




With Mobile Features


Optimized for Business


Very Customizable


sushi digitalIf you have the budget for an eCommerce web development team that has lengthy years of experience and a good record in web development, then the responsive website design package of Sushi Digital makes a good alternative. If you already have a WordPress based website and really need to have your mobile version up and running at the soonest possible time with a wallet-friendly price, the WordPress mobile plug-ins would be good business solutions.

If the purpose of building your mobile company website is to increase your sales and conversions through mobile presence, the dedicated mobile website maker is your best choice because it’s already optimized for business with features like “Click-to-Call”, “Click-to Email” and “Mobile Map.”

The responsibility of selecting an appropriate mobile platform for your company mobile presence is actually easy with the help of a professional mobile website builder from Perth. Sushi Digital’ systematic approach in building company websites including and eCommerce website design for your product is definitely the best choice. This is because the company consists of various teams of graphics and web designers, front-end and back-end web developers, Apple app development Perth, SEO specialists, quality assurance and project managers.


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