Entrepreneurs Misconception on Website Development

likableMany entrepreneurs thinks that if they have well design and develop websites coupled with quality products or services, the websites itself will go its visitors overtime. That idea is 10 years ago when the competition for search engine ranking are still low. The year where blogger or blogspot is the famous or the number 1 CMS for bloggers, it is easy to get rank and turn your website from PR 0 to PR 4. In fact that year, i created 5 different blogspot urls and it all move from PR 4 with maximum traffics received up to 4000 daily visitors.

When website optimization became famous and programmer learn how to trick Google, algorithm stated to change. Optimization became difficult and bringing high competitive keywords to the first page can not be done anymore in just 3 months. Before few bookmark link are already powerful but now it seems no more effective.

Here are some miss conception on marketing products online through website publication, social media integration and email marketing.

1. New websites with very young URL or domain will not rank even it reach 3 years online. On the otherhand, old domain perform better but not a guarantee.

2. Quality design and quality content will not get traffics that you expect. You probably thinking that you are the only person can produce quality content. Competition is search engine have reach the maximum level and everybody knows the important of quality contents. Even you follow the tradition of presenting problem, solutions and benefits of the solution in your web pages, it will not bring to the first page of search engine because you did not complete the requirements.

3. Meta title, meta descriptions, H1, H2, strong tag, alt and title tag, semantic keywords and distribution, low competition and long tailed will not bring full prosperity to your site. These are all preparation for Google to properly identify the category of your web pages.

4. Regular update of the website contents are not a guarantee of good ranking too. Many personal brand website almost update everyday and still barely get the right ranking and desired traffics.

Why all this thing happen? How to make sure that your company website is bringing clients to your company? All you have to do is simple read Google webmaster guidelines and apply CREATIVELY all of them. Yes every marketing companies are using the same guidelines but they are using their own unique strategy to get the buzz.

There are many factors affecting the website ranking and authority. You can find resources online but these are  my favorite:


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