Complete Website Elements for Your Home and Service Pages

mobilecompatibleMany times entrepreneurs find a web development company to come up with new design ideas for their business websites. It goes as far as the entrepreneurs rely only from the inputs of web designers reducing their own responsibilities to manage the project.  The responsibility of the project now forwarded to the project managers while the entrepreneurs are now relying on the update and communication without providing needed directions. 

The truth is that the businessman from Perth should be aware of  every detailed elements of the website because these are the areas which helps the conversion of sales and growth of the company.

Here are some website factors affecting sales.

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1. Branded and suited logo to your business. If your business is about selling metal or gold detecting tools then your logo should reveal the color of the metal or gold while the brand logo design must be related to the equipment.

2.  Taglines. This are 7 word statement that tells the quality of the product or service that you are selling. If the company say, Sharp our name our promise, it means philosophical statement that guarantee a quality product or services.

3. Call to action. Visitors always need to be pushed to get into action so when you say Hurry Buy Now before the discount end this line mean you are being  coerced to do action. This is good for people in a hurry of buying product or solutions. There are some collection of good call to action that you can use as guide in copywriting.

4. Social media icons. Many users today are heavy users of social media. If they find a good website and they though they will need the product or services someday, they click the social media button to keep a record of your website. Hence you have the opportunity to send update on promo and all marketing information the moment they follow your account.

desktopwebdesign5.  Phone number and address. Entrepreneurs are busy and they don’t have time to study further your products so the moment they see your number or address they will be convinced that you have existing office and a number that can be called anytime. Time is gold for them so they dial the number right away.

6. Navigation bar – There are visitors that scrutinize the company before buying products. These are teacher and regular online buyers. They visitmany pages before deciding what and when to buy. Most of the time they look for testimonials and reputation of the website or the products before making any purchase. So make sure important pages of the site are easy to navigate like services, faq’s, testimonials, policies etc.

7. Social proofs. Many Wordpress design eCommerce websites do not use the social proofs to encourage sales. A simple Testimonial of famous customer is very important. The logo of your business membership or association, the logo of top companies that has been using your business are all contribute to the rate of website’s conversion. You can use the stats about social proof to convince your client about its benefits.

8.  Opt in form or freebies. This is used to capture your visitors’ email. In web designing company, the free site audit or free mock up design is a good tool to get the emails. But for corporate company where the employee looking for services do not need freebies, it will not work. A website management guides, a basic web marketing guide, website security guides etc. are more important to them and can be used to get their sign ups.

9. WordPress sidebar. This sidebar serves its purpose if used properly. It can be used in promos, giving images of events and activities that you want the visitors to read from the blog. But for sure do not place any sidebar in your homepage and services. It will look blog and not corporate.

10.  Video in the homepage.  Video containing the extra added service of your products, the organizational structure, the process of purchasing products and advantages they can get are important for conversions. Make sure you have web video of your services. It can also be used in online marketing in later parts.

11. Gallery. Galleries are photo of your works. If you have restaurant websites therefor it can be sure that your visitors will be looking for the quality of your facilities. If you have a software development company website, make sure you have the photos of the team of programmers and the technology you are using.

12. Audio or mp3.  A product or service that has audio versions is best as downloadable information where visitors can replay the audio through iPhone or Samsung mobile technologies. Not only that, if you have more than 6 audio versions, you can submit these to iTunes.

mobilewebsitedesign13.  Geo-tagging. Not only the keywords are present on the homepage. This includes the key places that you need to mention. If you are looking for the customers of Karate Schools located in Perth, then you should mention also the main suburb and nearby cities in Perth.

14. Google places. Again addresses are important both for Google business directory and other local directory listing.

15.  About the CEO. If the business is a sole proprietorship, buyers always look for the person who they buy from. This is to make sure there is a real personthat will answer their complain in time of product support. The photo of the business owner is a good tool in building reputation especially if the website is about a restaurant, soak well services, Fencing contractor service, food delivery service and more.

16.  Fresh content – Google does not like a website without update. This is because Google algorithm is about updates and fresh information. Usingblogs, you can have periodic updates on your websites. Couple with targeted long tailed keywords, images, audio and video, Google is going to love your site with quality information you can share online.

So if any web design company in Perth told you that they offer optimize website developer, ask right away if they have a blog integrated into it. If none then the site offered to you is not Google algorithm ready.

17.  Social media and web 2.0 – These are the capability of WordPress web site design. To easily integrate the social media because information today can easily be shared online through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest andStumbleupon. Any company will have a chance to get viral traffics because of social media. Have a unique and real time information that serves as business solution and you can guarantee a good spike of visitors.

18.  Responsiveness. Are your web developers capable of producing a responsive website design? Is your website compatible with the latest plugin to make sure your websites are running with mobile compatibility plugin? The truth is that, there are some demographics visitors in which 40% of them are surfing the internet through their mobile technology like iPhone, Tablet and Samsung. Any new website design today should be mobile compatible.

19. Sales pages or landing pages. Is your website having enough sales or landing pages for highlyprofitable keywords. Are the web development companies you partnered with only offered service pages based on your instructions? It is the other way around. If your business is about adventure travel in South Western Australia, you probably have more than 40 high end keywords that should have individual landing pages. You can not stuff the keywords in just a few pages. Spread it out.

websitedesign120. Footer  freshness. Have you seen an optimized footer design to capture Google search engine? Have you seen footer that has blog feed so that all the pages of the site have update periods?

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These are the major website elements you need to consider in finding Perth web development company in Australia.  While you need to understand these elements, you also need to keep watch all of these from your website if they are all present.


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