5 Simple Steps in Adding Single Users in your Google Analytics

You probably ask someone to provide some interpretation for the numbers in your Google analytics.  Its good because you are starting to become conscious how you are going to use the numbers for your company benefits.

Its actually easy to infer on these number and some samples are found online, however like many entrepreneurs from Perth Western Australia, you do not have time to read.  In that case, you need a business partner expert in website statistics.

A full Perth Web Marketing companies always have complete staff so if they developed your website then they must provide monthly stats report too.  Just give them the users access for them to create report and provides analysis on your visitors.  Here are 5 basic steps to add your web and data analysis to your GA account.

  1. Login to your GA account.


2. If you have more than 2 websites in your GA account select the correct website name to share with your data analyst.



3.    Next, click the “User Management” under the “Account” section in your Administration Screen


4. In “User Management” page input the email address in the “Add Permission for: “ textbox. Before you click the “Add” button make sure you set correctly the permission setting, check the following: Edit, Collaborate, Read & Analyze. (see sample image below)



Upon saving the Google analytic system will send an email to the recipient confirming the access given to them. Make sure that you are only giving  user access that can not manage users. This feature is for site owner only use to remove any users from the list.




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