Quick Site Audit and Marketing Recommendation for Soakwell Industry

Our staff already send recommendation for this site through email.. Currently the site is well optimized with 7 keywords. Its ranking is balanced to its number of pages and Page Rank authority.

Additionally the site clickrate issue could be solve by:

  1. 1. Improve the search engine click/impressions rate by testing different pages descriptions. Currently the home page descriptions is “The team designs a unique and installs residential and business soakwells. The company also provide custom drainage solutions tailored to the drainage needs of each location.
    We could add some terms like excellence, guarantee, expert, etc.. on the description to increase click rate.
  2. Have a photo of the owner in Google search result by adding Google+ profile as website author.
  3. Improve Google business listing by adding the service to its name.

Other opportunities

1. Increase the current site keyword inventory with fresh landing pages. Additional keywords means new search engine impression opportunities. The site can use its blogpost for new keyword landing page or create a custom services page for new keywords.

Present the company as expert in this industry. They need to add blog where they can share tips and guide about house improvement. Google will merits them for providing useful information. Links created within the blog can help push the ranking of current and new keywords.

2. Social media signals correlates to the ranking of keywords based on study. Integrate like and share buttons for possible facebook and pinterest traffics referrals.

3. Increase the site current authority in the next 3 or 6 months. Get fresh high authority page rank links from news agencies, bloggers, web 2.0 sites, video sites. Sign up from the search marketing package for 3 months campaign.


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