Australian Bookkeeping Website Gets Free Audit

about the site

1.  Site Metrics
Domain:  test for www redirection not available
Google PageRank – 0/ 10   Ideal PR is 4 so this website need high authority backlinks which can be gain naturally by producing quality content as link bait.
Domain Authority – 15/100  Ideal DA is above 35/100
Page Authority – 28/100    Ideal PA is above 35/100
Alexa Rank in AU – 10,106735  the site do not have daily visitors in the past months.
Site age  –  9months – the site usual registration is 1 year its too early to get hosting suspension. This site might be hit by virus or it experienced security breach that it became suspended from hosting.
Google backlinks – 1 from government website
Bing backlinks – none

2. SEO Setup
Google analytics setup  – none –
Google webmaster setup  – none –
Bing Webmaster setup    – none –
Robot.txt setup         – none
Sitemap.xml setup       – The site is hard coded html
Sitemap page setup      – none
Google places setup     – none –
Note: The site do not have any SEO setup in mind. It is recommended that the site use wordpress CMS for easy installation of Google
analytics, webmaster tools scripts and sitemap. The site need to add address in the contact us page.
3. Keywords:
The site has duplication of targeted keywords on all pages. The australian bookkeepers association  rank 1.
<meta name=”keywords” content=”#” />
These are the recommended keywords for this website to expand possible visitors.
  • bookkeepers perth
  • bookkeepers in australia
  • professional development for bookkeepers
  • certified bookkeepers association
  • australian association of professional bookkeepers
  • bookkeepers association australia
  • bookkeepers association
  • certified bookkeepers
  • bookkeepers certification
The website owner should provide pages for these topics.
4. Optimisation – 
Homepage –  Brand keyword are present in the homepage. But it is only one. The website should have at least 3 keywords to get wider possible traffics from search engine.
HTML Tagging –  H1 is properly assigned to the organization keyword. The site used h1 again on this topi “Keep me notified of future ABA developments” which they should use h2.
Keywords density –   Main keywords was perfectly mentioned 3x in the homepage. No accurate keyword allocation on about us page therefore no density . Statutory page also dont have correct keyword therefore no density
Long tailed keywords – None. The site need to conduct keyword research, identify which keyword are relevant to each pages and utilized less competitive keyword to inner pages.
Internal links –   No internal link implementation.
Geo targeted keywords – Present on homepage only. The website targeted whole australia
Content     –  The number of words in a webpages on the average is 100+ only. Consider adding words to make a 300 words article in each page. Longer content provide opportunity to embed more keywords in the body.
Deep links –  The site do not have any deeplink.
Social Proof –   The site do not have any social life. Join social media and share organization meeting and events.
Video –   Provide video of the association meeting. Video gets special favor in search engine.
Images –   The site is using paid images on each pages. To increase sign up and membership, the site should use the photo of the association members and not paid photos that existed on other websites.
URL Structure –   The url structure are fine. similar to wordpress
Meta Title –   No meta title duplication but it is not optimised with keywords:
Meta description –  Duplicate meta desription in all pages.
404 page –  NO 404 redirection.
Opt-in form    –    None. Not relevant  to the site since it is not lead generation website.
Thank-you page –    None, since the site do not have contact form.
Breadcrumbs –      Not relevance
URL structure –     The site have good url/slug structure similar to wordpress.
Content structure –  The site used H1, bullets, strong and form to organised the layout and its fine.
Contact page –   Add new contact page with thank you page for conversion monitoring.
RSS presence –    None – no opportunity to get traffics from subscriber specially the members
Footer –          The site did not use SEO footer so the internal link is less.
Recomemendation: Join to top 5 social media account and required the member to follow so they will get faster updates.
Add more content to increase keyword variation and traffic opportunity from search engine.
Video you organization events and include either in the homepage or add video gallery.
5 Content Analysis
Meta duplication – Duplicate meta description on 3 pages that will cause the site to slide down further
Page duplication – Homepage content are found in sister website the http://wwwwwwwwwwwww/. consider revising the content.
Page Content –     Page content is poor on localisation because it did not mention places in Australia.
Marketing terms – Not relevant to the site.
Content layout –   The pages of the site are consistent by using H1, h2, h3, strong and bullets to organise structure.
Font size/weight – too small, consider adding font size to make it more readable.
Relevant images –  very good the images on all pages are present related to the content.
RSS signup –     none – Use CMS based website to get RSS feature.
Legal pages –     Privacy policy, FAQ’s and terms of condition pages are not present on the site
Broken links –    none
Contact Map –     The site donot have contact us page,phone and address.
Site Speed –
a. Load Time: 2.02s:    – 1.96 sec so this is almost perfect speed.
b. Image size – properly declared image sizes on css with 72 pixels
6. Maximising Web 2.0 Technology – 
The site do not have blog. The company should implement blog for association news, annoncement, bookkeeping tips, event photos, and more to help it authority move upward monthly.
General recommendations
1. Use WordPress CMS in your website for easy implementation of SEO tools
2. Submit your site to webmaster and utilize free Google analtyics to monitor traffics and performance
3. Add more pages on the site like gallery, bookkeeping guides, contact us page, blog. Google favor site with regular content update.
4. Identify keywords related to bookkeeping and distribute properly in your site pages.
5. Integrate facebook face plugin on the sidebar of your blog to encourage visitors see their faces and join the site.
6. Add social proof on your website by placing a logo of the government that recognsed your association.
7. Use real member photo for more trust authority website
8. To earn website authority, the site a 3 months inbound link authority from high PR websites.



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