Mining Guide Website Gets Free Audit

1. Site Metrics

miningDomain: www redirection working yet 2 domains existing: and‎ both are indexed by Google.  Google PageRank – 6/10 This is high authority website. A quick check on their backlink resulted to 50 links from government websites and 55 inbound links from educational websites.

Domain Authority – 61/100
Page Authority – 53/100
Alexa Rank in AU – 1,102,583 or an estimated of 100 daily unique visitors
Site age in year – 17 years
Google backlinks – 199
Bing backlinks – NA
Google Indexed pages – 3,970
Bing indexed pages – 5,180

Even though the site is not optimised internally and external, the site gain high authority due to

1. backlinks from government and educatin websites
2. backlinks from wikipedia,, natioanalgeographicss and other news agency
3. Content since there are more than 1000 pages on the site which is now consider as mega site already.

2. SEO Setup
Google analytics setup – Present
Google webmaster setup – none – the site need to join webmaster to monitor search performance
Bing Webmaster setup – none – the site need to join webmaster to monitor search performance
Robot.txt setup – none – robots prevent bot to indexed backend files
Sitemap.xml setup – none – sitemap.xml help google guide on what pages to index
Google places setup – Present in 3 locations
sitemap page – present

3. Keywords

The site did not setup any keywords maybe their objective is not lead generation of members but for information on regular members and general public.

minerals – 2nd
australian mining – 7th
tertiary education – 16th

The website should work on the following keywords and create landing pages for these.

mining guide 33,100
mining australia 6,600
mining leveling guide 3,600
minerals council of australia 1000
mining industry australia 390
australian mining industry 320
mineral council of australia 140
mining industry analysis 70
mining industry resources 70
australian mining industry council 20

The website already have authority but it lacks proper keyword distribution.

4. Optimisation 

Homepage – only the brand kewyord is present in the homepage. The site need to embed this “mining australia” in homepage
HTML Tagging – H1 is properly assigned to the organization keyword. The site used h2 and h6 on subtopic and titles which is good except these other H tags did not have keyword on its phrase.

  • Keywords density –  No accurate keyword allocation on the website therefore there are no keyword density
  • Long tailed keywords – None. despite of big opportunity of traffics due to its current authority, the site do not have enough keywords on its internal pages to bring traffics. Make sure to embed keywords in your post before publishing update.
  • Internal links – NO internal links implementation on the pages. Webmaster just need to look at wikipedia linking principle to guide them in the implementation.
  • Geo targeted keywords – Only the Australia are mentioned. The site should mention various cities and state for local search opportunity.
  • Content – The number of words in many pages are more than 500 which is ideal.
  • Social Proof – The site social proof could be testimonials from mining companies and its local community
  • Video – The site need to add pages for video gallery containing conferences, program and activities.
  • Images – The site lack of images to complement the content.
  • URL Structure – General URL structure is fine except some url that is too long like this
  • http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx/news/joint_statement_on_the_options_paper_on_coastal_shipping_refor which could be rewritten as http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxu/news/joint_statement_paper_coastal_shipping_reform
  • Meta Title – Meta title are unique but then again no keyword integration making the post useless on search engine.
  • Meta description – All post or pages do not have descriptions allowing Google to freely choose relevant descriptions resulting to poor click rate in search engine.
  • 404 page – NO 404 redirection.
  • Opt-in form – None. Not relevant to the site since it is not lead generation website.
  • Thank-you page – Not relevant to the site since it is not lead generation website.
  • Breadcrumbs – Present
  • website structure – the site structure is just a simple layout navigation through menus and supported by sidebar links.
  • Content structure – THe page content is a simple blog layout, lacking of image and creativity. The writer should use subtopic, bullets and strong tag in presenting information to improve reading.
  • Social media – No integeration of 5 major social media. No presence on Facebook but lot of tweet by concern miners. NO presence in Google+ and pinterest. The site could use facebook and twitter for regular news and announcement.
  • Contact page – Present with Google map
  • RSS presence – None – the CMS used by the site is not RSS capable.
  • Footer – The site footer serves as secondary navigation that help increase internal links.
  • Content Analysis
  • Meta duplication – None as the content of the website are mostly news
  • Page duplication – The site has duplication with and There are SEO theory that mega site are white list from penalty and algorithm changes.
  • Font size/weight – too small, consider adding font size to make it more readable.
  • Relevant images – very good the images on all pages are present related to the conten.
  • RSS signup – none – Use CMS based website to get RSS feature.
  • Legal pages – Disclaimer is present
  • Broken links – none

5. Site Speed – Load Time use

  • 1. Load Time: 1.91s very good speed performance
  • 2. Image dimension – The absense of images help the site speed
  • 3. Image size – none

6. Maximising Web 2.0 Technology

The site is created in the principle of blog where most of the content are news or press releases. Google love this kind of site because of the factual information, regular update and lots of content.

General recommendations

1. The site do not need external SEO
2. The site need proper keyword research and distribution to maximise its potential. Its authority is high yet performing poorly on search engine due to absense of keywords in its pages.
3. The site need photos to give life to the content specially the news pages.
4. The 2 website managed by the same organization should be combine into 1. Currently it is not affected by algorithm but if they were found by manually by Google search team, they could get penalty too.


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