Perth Business and Investor Relation Recommendation


1. Add unique exact keywords in the meta title of each pages except contact us page.
2. Add average and low competition exact keywords in the content. Minimum of 3 keywords on each pages to spread out the opportunity and increase the website impressions in the search engine and remove only one source of impressions which is investor relations.

3. Add social proof in the homepage. The website business is about service so to improve website credibility the site must have social proofs like

a. customer text testimonials,
b. customer video testimonials
c. Logo of top companies or client
d. case studies of client
e. Business organisation the company belong

4. Add FAQ page to provide immediate answers to possible inquiuries. This FAQ helps SEO through increase time on site and low bounce rate.

5. On about us page – The content is like sales page. This page should talk about the history, company organisation, how the company was establish, what are the experiences of the staff that make the company special in their field. Tell your company’s story in a way you can highlights the achievements. Remember clients will buy the service of human so they want to know who are the persons behind. Let customers see a more human side of your company.

5. Add blog on the menu bar and create a blog archieve containing summary of the post.

1. Post or update the site at least 2 article monthly. This is to tell Google that you follow fresh algorithm factor.
2. Make sure every post have keywords to expand your keywords inventory and get more chance to search engine.
3. Use the blog update as social media updates to bring none Google visitors..

6. Create a downloadable white paper for entrepreneurs/visitors to get their emails and conduct periodic email campaign.

7. Submit press release to online PR companies everytime you have company event. These Press release website provide inbound backlink needed to get rank.

8. Create pdf product brochure for distribution to brochure submission websites

9. Immediately run adwords campaign to get immediate conversion

10. Run a traditional link building for 2 months to guarantee a Page Rank 2 or 3 for December updates. Google PageRank is still a good factor of ranking keywords.
Meta title enhancement and specific keywords will follow. I noticed from the above thread that the client wanted their own keywords but they should follow our recommended keywords since our basis is the search volume of Google keywords database. I find the client selected a low to none search volume per month causing no traffics at all.


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