Vehicles insulation service website gets free Marketing recommendation

Due to heavy competition today, one page website have less opportunity to rank on search engine.  Since the site was just a landing page it is best if the owner run a either a PPC campaign or affiliate program campaign.

If the owner wanted to rank on search engine then he will go to usual process of following Google algorithm factors which are

1.  Number of page algorithm – increase number of pages by adding tips and articles about the client vehicles.

2. Inbound links  algorithm- The site is perfectly design and on page optimised but it is just few for Google’s almost 200 algorithm factors. The site need inbound links to get needed page and domain authority. A 3-months link building campaign could be a good start.

3.  Knowledge based content  –  Keep fresh and knowledge based content to make sure the bounce rate is telling Google that your site is providing quality informations.

4. Social media signal – Integrate facebook,  run an advertising campaign to get quick likes then make sure the followers have regular updated with knowledge based tips about vehicles maintenance.


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