Investor relation company free SEO recommendations


a. keywords

1. Increase the keyword density in the home page by mentioning exact match keywords: investor relations Perth at least 2x.
2. Enhance the meta title by including the keyword investor relation Perth in the Meta
3. Add some longtailed keywords in the content by mentioning investor relations consultants, investor relation services
b. Social proof – missing number 1 element in establishing authority to the visitor is the social proof.

1. Any logo of the companies you work with.
2. Any video testimonials of your customers
3. Any organisation that you are members


a.  More photos of the company staff

b. photos – Where are the people? Humans are attracted to humans, so why do so few sites include photos of company employees?

c. Keywords – Have some long tailed keywords in the content to get chance of traffics from low level competition.

3. Investor relations programme page

a. Keyword – targeted keywords on this page (investor relation programms) has small to none search volume. We should replace it with at least 3 profitable keywords.

b. Alt tag for the image is missing on this page.
4. Corporate communications programme
a. keywords – Add more long tailed or less competitive keywords in the content.

Please ask the client to get 3 from the list and mention it on the content

corporate communications 20
communication strategies 70
communication plan 90
communication strategy 30
marketing communications 20
corporate branding 20
marketing consultant 30
marketing companies 20
marketing agency 20


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