3 Customer Focus Source of Topics You Can Write for Your Blog

Do you want to produce quality content because Google wanted fresh content yet you do not know where to start? You have identified searchable terms from Google Adwords but do not know what content to use to expand the discussions? You actually need not to look further, produce topics or content based on the information involving your customers

If you are a web design company or industrial fencing company you certainly have a good source of topics to write which surely interesting to your clients.

Here are some areas to write about:

 1. Awards of your client’s company or its employee.

employee awardsEverybody wanted to become famous and the best information to be found in any publication is the success or achievement of any individual or group. Start Googling the internet for the achievements or awards and get ready for a factual news about it. Timing for the publication is important. If you have a current web development project from them, let it go live if the project is 90% complete so it will looks like a teaser of the project.

 2. Solution to the client’s problems.

solutionsMany marketing experts keep on recommending this strategy. Not only it will guarantee a sure traffics for the type of industry where your client belongs but also a chance to help those in the business community. Who knows, you can be a good business speaker someday. This is where famous speakers like Pat Flynn and David Risley started before they became new media expo speakers.

 3. Client’s After office activities.

Non Profit OrganisationIt’s actually like feature writing where you need to know what are the activities of your client. You need to identify from your list of clients suited to your topic. More likely you select a client or its employee characterised by having lots of unique activities. If you spot one that participating in non-profitable organisation during the weekend then it is a jackpot. Go and ask the client’s representative for the name of employee in their organisation known for public service, extreme sports, recycling materials, making new technologies and more.

Writing with a customer focus content will have many benefits to your company. I know everyone is expecting huge traffics and since you have a unique featured article of amazing persons or activities, this could become a viral online through social media. Direct and long term benefits of this strategy is creating good relationship with your client. In general, blogging, social media and internet are made to helps enhance the relationship among communities.

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