SMART Social Media Marketing Plan

For small business, start up and solo entrepreneurs, increasing social media followers is difficult. It requires the knowledge of the process and time to do the campaign. The following list are SMART strategy to increase your social media followers.

1.  Integrate the Facebook Face plugin in the website homepage and future blog pages.

2. Add the scrolling like and share buttons in their website.

3. Add blog feature and post the food images with detailed descriptions. Then post these blog post to Facebook page. A nicely shot and well arrange food setting encourage sharing.

4. Take some photo of your restaurant visitors and inform them that it will be posted in your facebook page. Encourage them to like then, tag them once they like the page.

5. Run a social media contest.  Free dinner for 2 for the best facebook message or comment for a particular food photos.

6. Create a brochure and publish a digital menu in your facebook account. Free dinner if you share the post in your timeline. Winner will be selected at random.

7.  Invite food bloggers to review the products or menu. And encourage them to write an articles on for your restaurant with encouragement of linking your FB page.

8. Spend 1 hr a day engaging Facebook users visiting compliment industry like travel page, join Facebook group on related topics.

9. Run facebook ads. Its the fastest way with minimum of $10 spending per day.

10. Sponsor a free ticket to any concert if they like and share the facebook page. Winners to be selected in random.


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