The best reasons to integrate your blog to your business website

A website owner has her own personal blog so when she requested an eCommerce website development for her fashion products, she becomes confused. Should she use her old personal blog to support her new website or should she use the new site with integrated blog.

Here are the 10 reasons why you should have integrated blog for your eCommerce site.

1. Website update is part of the Google ranking factor. The more update with knowledge based content, the higher the website ranking opportunity.

2. Google demand unique content and penalise website that practice duplication specially those copying contents from another website.

3. Google bot come back to the website periodically. A regular update on your site can force Google to visit your site periodically. It will provide more search engine presence for your products.

4. Blog content located on your main domain increases the internal link to your website. This is natural on page optimisation.

5. Fresh blog content always has a chance to become viral because it integrates with social media sharing buttons.

6. The blog helps in improving your business brand. Having a blog consistent with your product brand provide longer memory among visitors.

7. Blogging is part of online marketing activities. You can share your blog post directly to your social media accounts.

8. You blog help SEO activity. Quality content can be a used as reference by another writer. Your selling website will get a direct link from related website naturally.

9. A blog can be used as strategy to improve time on site, and bounce rate statistics of the visitors.

10. Blog content can help increase your social media followers by installing pop-up like and share buttons.


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