Anatomy of Perfect Web Page or Web Post to Get Rank

The blogpros conducted a research study about the perfect blog post or web page. The study used some well ranking pages or posts which they identify the common factors affecting the performance of the post in search engine.

To find the answer to the question “why that posts are ranking better in the search engine?” compared to other related articles,  they used a traditional research method known as factor analysis using analysis of co-variance. The results are interesting because it confirms the research made by regarding factors affecting the ranking. The good thing about this research is that it is more comprehensive in treating the samples. Here you go.

Ideal number of words1. Length of article. Average number of words is 1,149 per article while the got 2,000. It means if you do blogging, you dont post less than 1000 words or you keep a balance statistics where the 1000+ word articles are more than the stats of small post.

2.  Famous quote. 22% of the high ranking page or post has quotes made by known personalities. This is done to support their theory. Sometime we call this transfer of knowledge.

best quotation3.   Social button. A 92% of the sample has social media sharing buttons which is no brainer. The easier to share online the better it will rank.

4.   Discussion opportunity.  So successful page or post allowed commenting and this is 95% of the sample. That is highly skewed to the right. The number must be very obvious. It means the online marketer should always allowed commenting to initiate sharing of ideas.

5.  Images. Yes more than 3 images are good factor in ranking. Images complement the content of the pages. The readers first look on the images to see if they are relevant to the topics they are looking. Aside from it, images can accept title and alternative text for all type of visitors. So next time you post content, make sure you have 3+  unique and relevant images.

6. Ideal links on the page10 links. These 100  pages or posts have an average of 10 links but the study did not mention if that 10 links are inbound or outbound so it is safe to have 5 inbound and 5 outbound links.  But if you have a chance make sure the inbound link is more than 10 while the outbound link is more than 5.

7.  Meta title. The average title character length to be successful is 51 characters. I used 10 words with at least 1 keyword in it. If it can handle 2 keywords the better.

8. Bullets. 45% of these successful pages have bullets. Bulleting some part of the content helps the article to become more readable specially if the post have more than 1000 words. The next time your web designer provide a mockup design, make sure the bullets are part of the content.

9. Topic. Yes topic is very important. If you post is about knowledge sharing like guide to or how to, then this could become one of the best article online.

Google wanted to tap expert from various industry to write and share their life long learning. While the content is for the reader to helps them complete certain task or perform the solutions to the problem, the links, meta titles and tags are used to properly organise the articles inside Google dabatase.

Factors for a perfect blog  post

Factors for a perfect blog post


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