Marketing Recommendation for Beauty Website

We checked the site webmaster and analytics. No issue on our part. In fact build a Google friendly website for them. The current status or authority of the site is normal for them consider the site is new, no regular SEO or marketing activity and no traditional marketing campaign too.

The website earn good traffics before last Sept because of their coupon/promo from this site as their number one referrals.

The ranking of keywords are match to the current authority and website setup. If they want to grow more then they should consider the following recommendations

1. Sign up an adwords campaign with $300 monthly budget at $10 per day. This method can bring traffic fast but expensive.

2. Homepage content – Minimum of 500 words and maximum of 2000 words. See as a good sample of homepage content.

3. Increase number of pages for Google freshness algorithm. This is basic for all website today if they want search engine traffics. Increasing pages or content also increase website’s keywords inventory of long tailed keywords.

4. Integrate facebook and twitter community plugin. Update this social media regularly with their client. This is for social media link signal factor

5. Request a pdf version of online brochure that client can download while we can share online.

6. Sign up to 3 months SEO package.


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