Evaluation and Recommendation for Fine Arts Specialists from New South Wales

fineartsSite Metrics

  • Domain URL – http://www.finartsspecialistsdomain.com
  • non-www to www redirection – Implemented
  • Website PageRank – 0
  • Domain Authority – 23
  • Page Authority – 10
  • Site Age in Year – 0years 4months
  • Number of Backlinks – 2

SEO Setup

  • Google Analytics – Present
  • Webmaster Account – Present
  • Robots.txt file – Present /robots.txt
  • Sitemap.xml file – Present /sitemap.xml
  • Sitemap.html file – None. Consider having a sitemap page, it will help the visitors find easily the page that they’re looking for by visiting the sitemap.
  • Google plus business profile – Present

Website Elements

  • Homepage Design – The design/structure of the landing page (homepage) is too simple, lack of content and details about the business services/products. Consider redesigning the layout and structure of the website to improve the user experience of your website. Also add more details and features that can attract user attention.
  •  Heading Tag – None. Heading tag is one of the most important seo elements of the website, so consider using this tag and provide descriptive heading text and insert target keywords. It will not only improve your website ranking on search engine result but also help to attract visitors attention.
  • Website Title – Present
  • Meta description – Present, but some of the page doesn’t have proper content and others are don’t have. Just like the Title tag, Meta descriptions are also one of the most important SEO elements of the website, because it can attract potential customers to choose your business above competitors appearing in search results along with you. So consider to provide proper description that will attract users to click your website on search result.
  • Keyword Density – art dealer sydney (2.02%), fine art specialists (2.02%), art specialists sydney (2.02%)
  • Geo Target Keywords – art specialists sydney, art dealer sydney
  • Logo Image – optimize
  • Website Images – optimize
  • URL structure – Human readable (good)
  • 404 page – Present, but consider redesigning the layout of the 404 page.
  • HTTP Response – HTTP/1.1 200 OK

Website Speed Performance

  • Page Speed Grade – 87%
  • Page Load Time – 4.40s
  • Total Page size – 4.04MB
  • Total number of request – 59

Full details  http://gtmetrix.com/reports/

Search Engine Index Status:

  • Google.com.au – 158
  • Yahoo.com.au – 43
  • Bing.com.au – 44

Website Recommendation

  1. Improve website design landing page and content structure
  2. Provide descriptive and keyword rich content on heading tag
  3. Provide proper 404 layout
  4. Provide Sitemap html
  5. Provide proper Meta description in all pages

Recommended profitable keywords

  • art dealers sydney – SV: 50
  • art for sale sydney – SV: 210
  • paintings for sale – SV: 390
  • fine art for sale – SV: 10

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