Perth Online Marketing Package – Inquiries

Helpful client inquiries

1. Do you have Google analytics account? What is the login and password?
2. Do you have webmaster account? What is the login and password?
3. What is the target client location? Perth? Subiaco? or whole WA?
4. Do you have priority keywords or we can base the importance from search volume? Please provide at least 5 terms
5. (For service company) Do you have portfolio or case study that can be included in the website?
6.  Do you have custom testimonials that we can use as conversion element of the site?
7.  Do you have photos that we can use showcase in the gallery page of the site?
8.  Can you support the SEO campaign by providing regular website update for freshness algorithm factor?
9.  Do you have downloadable brochure in pdf file that we can use to capture the email of prospects.
10. Is you website using unique or original content description of the product or services?
11. Do you have complete street level company address as requirement for local directory submissions.
12. Do you have social media accounts? Can you share the login and password access?


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