What are the process of SEO setup for a newly design and revamp website?

These are the steps that need to be undertaken by the web design and development company if they have new website or newly revamp website. The list here are best guide before the site could go live . We have heard the news that Google discourage any website trying to deliberately manipulate their ranking through massive optimisation so like Google we also recommend not do it.

iphone app development Instead we recommend a complete on page optimisation plus work on traditional marketing. Once you business is famous in local market then online will follow naturally.

We summarize this in order for us to measure the time the SEO staff needed in implementing SEO setup since website design companies have varied process and prices.

1. Get the site history.
If the site has beta make sure your marketing staff gather the history of the site such as

  • page rank which can get using webrank tool in your chrome browser.
  • page and domain authority which you can get using moz bar
  • alexa rank which is included in webrank plugin
  • number of indexed pages both on Google and bing which is the same above
  • number of backlinks through hrefs, webmeup, mozbar or if the GA access is avaiable, using Google webmaster.

2.   Ranking of at least 10 keywords of the site.
If the webmaster access is available then get the top keywords with impressions. If there are none you can use the meta keywords embedded in the site using view source command of the browser. In any case that you do not find the two method then you need to read understand their business. You only need at least 3 keywords to find the related keywords using Google adwords tools. Make sure you record the rank before the new website goes live.

3.  Start keyword research iphone app development perth
Once the web and app design company know the keyword of the site, a keyword research can begin. Depending on the number of pages of the sites as well as the quality of the content, the number of keywords must be not less than 5 but not more than 20. For a 5 to 20 pages websites just use this ratio –  5 difficult (101 to 199 search volume), 5 average (51 to 100), 7 easy (20 to 50) and 3 very easy (10 search volume).

4.  Keywords landing page identification.
Distribution the keywords to the pages prioritizing the home page, services and products. Do not put important keywords in the about us page, testimonial page, contact us pages etc. They are made to look natural.

5. Meta and tags recommendations.
Using exact match keywords prepare meta title, description, h1, h2, title tag, alt tag, url and keyword embedding optimisation. Do not use more than 4 keywords in one page to avoid stuffing. Do not compete on terms with thousand search volume if your site is very young. For revamp site with authority then go ahead.

6. Prepare the GA and Webmaster code
If you know the domain in live then you can start creating GA account as well as webmaster account in both Google and Bing. Use the website plugin to install these confirmation in the demo site but put the ga code in live only to avoid unwanted visitors.

7.  Sitemap setting
In the demo site, check the sitemap xml if working. Make sure that category, attached images, tags and unwanted urls are not included in your sitemap.

8.  URL redirection
Normally for newly revamp website, you need to redirect old urls to the new urls especially if you tried to optimised its slug. Make sure you redirect those pages that has inbound links or pages with authority. If the site is ecommerce, just get the categories in the redirection and use 404.php for others. Do not redirect the old urls if the site has thousand pages due to speed issue in the server.

9.  AKISMET and Bad Behavior Activation
Depending on platform, you should have anti spam and anti bots in your site. This is to save your server resources.

10.  Setup your robots.txt for legitimate visitors.
Mostly every website owner wanted to save resources and allowed only the big 3 bots to come to the site. So through your robots.txt, dis allow independent bots that will surely cause problem in your traffic statistics as well as allowed number of visitors per day.

11. Manual search engine submission
One the website goes into live, you want right away to send this changes to Google to take effect in the search result. No problem, go to your webmaster account and find the webmaster manual url submissions. Just put 10 urls on it. It will only take less than 30 minutes and your domain or new pages are indexed by both Google and Bing.

12. Submit the sitemap xml
If Google find your site, it will index some pages but not all. So the sitemap is perfect tools to help Google bots find the pages of the site.

13. Submit to Google business listing and local directories.
For any new sites  make sure you submit them to Google business, create google + account and submit to famous directory website that review product and services. If you are confident the product of the website are all quality then go ahead with all the review or citation websites.

14 .Local directory listing
For any new website, do not leave the without the support of high authority links from local directories. These are Yelp, yellowpage, directory.com and more.. Give them at least 10 local directory exposure. If the site has good product and services they will enjoy the reviews and referrals from these local directories.

15. Used Google analytics to filter bots
Unwanted bots will cause problem in the analysis of visitors so make sure you filter them in your GA admin account. These bots became sophisticated that GA traffic is become distorted.

If you are a web development or mobile app development company willing to contribute please comment here or contact us.



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