Online marketing inquery from desktop publishing company

People seem to find us when they search our area but I would be keen to get in the face of state and nationwide bureaus that need work done in our area.

1. We need to conduct keyword research to find out the search volume of the target areas.

2. We need to recommends new sets of metas with local targeted keywords.

3. We need to mention the local keywords in the content of their website so they should update the content with local keyword integration

4. We include the target local areas/keywords in the image alt and title tags.

5. Since their website have small number of pages, they can not expand the number of keywords if their target is more than the number of their current pages. My recommendation is to add blog feature.

This will give them freedom to write and post articles mentioning targeted locality. This will help them improve the website impression from these suburbs, cities and states.


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