Case Study: Poor Traffic from their Function Room

Site owner:
Currently we do not rate very high on google searches for function venues etc.  Is there anything that you guys can do to help lift our profile? Then how much is the possible cost?

The page function-centre is not optimised for function room for rent.

1. Conduct keyword research related to the function room in Perth, wedding venues in Perth, Party venues in Perth etc etc.
2. Divides the page “function-centre/” into 3 more pages (Mile Bilo ballroom, centenary room and lawn) to get a maximum of 15 keywords or 5 keywords per page.
3. Rewrite or create the content for the 3 pages mentioning the new keywords at least once. Each page should have a minimum of 300 words.
4. Add conversion elements on these pages like customer testimonials, event photos, bulleted unique characteristics of the venue.
5. Add social media share buttons and encourage visitors to share these pages to their social media account.
6. Build internal and inbound links to these pages to push the page authority for a minimum of 3 months.

Some related keywords
birthday party venues perth
birthday venue perth
budget wedding reception venues perth
ceremony venues perth
cocktail party venues perth


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