WordPress stated that the ‘SEO was poor, what does it mean?

I posted the latest news in our website but the WordPress stated that the ‘SEO was poor’.  What does it mean? 

It mean the SEO plugin is working well. The Yoast SEO will evaluate your post according to normal optimisation process. Then it will provide score on your post. It also provide description of the score. If you click the SEO check link on the right of the post then it will provide explanation or visit this link.

Web design company had put in the previous post ‘set to no index.’  Why?

I believed we already inform them as per discussion on the above thread that their article was copy or plagiarised from other articles. This will hurt their website and Google will label them as spammer. See attached. Rhe reason we set the post into no-index is not to allowed Google to index those copied content. This will save their site from Google’s penalty.

I’ve tried going to the Yoast SEO – is this the page responsible for changing to ‘good SEO?’ 

YES. If you want your article to have good SEO score you need to

  • 1. Create original content
  • 2. If the content source is News agency or Govt. Rewrite it avoid duplication. Visit Google webmaster guidelines on duplication.
  • 3. Yoast will find keyword on title, description, content, images on the post. If you are concern with the SEO score then write an article with keywords on title, description and content. Here is the right article to have well optimise post.
  • Once you followed the right process of optimising content, you need to submit your company news to social media sites. Hope it will get viral depending on the quality of your content.

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