Optimization Tips for Online Digital Printing Service

A. Metas

Page: Home
Keywords: digital printing perth, online printing perth, online printing services
Title: xxxxxxxxx
Description: xxxxxx

H1: Change “xxxx” with Simple Online Digital Printing Process
Left Image alt: xxx
Right Image alt: xxx


B. Content

1. Increase the content of the site with 300 words and embed the following keywords
Perth online printing,
Digital Printing in Perth
Online Printing Services

C. Conversion elements

  1.  Add some human touch to the page by adding human photos of good looking model
  2.  Add at least 4 logo of the companies they previously serve
  3.  Add the logo of technology they are using with title “Our Partner Technology”
  4.  Add sliding testimonials of the customers.
  5.  Add sliding digital portfolio of prints.
  6.  Add company address in the footer for directory submissions
  7.  Add some photo of the facilities as proofs of business existence.
  8.  Include the map in the design as proof of business existence.

D. Branding
1. Add business tagline in the header

E. Legal
1. Add privacy and terms of use paragraph

F. Social Media
1. Add social media like/share buttons below the about us.

G. Outbound link
Set the sushi digital to nofollow link, site is one page and NO page rank site.

H. Off page recommendations

  1.  Have a 3 versions of press release for the new site. They usually requires 350 to 500 words
  2.  Request product or service from technology blogger
  3.  Submit to Perth based directories
  4.  Submit to social media and social bookmarking site for social signal.

How to Get 1000 pages website

Here are the Process to get the desire number of pages:

siteevaluation-Surfinglessonwebsite1. Keywords research. Attached here are 700 + keywords search using WA setting
2. Distribute the service related keywords to the future landing pages. Set at least 5 minimum keywords per landing pages.
3. Support these new landing pages with blog post. The higher the internal link, the higher it get to rank.
4. Create new post that contains  “How” and “What” information. These  are the latest trends in Google hummingbird algorithm.

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Top 3 Websites Footer That Helps Online Marketing Naturally

The footer is very important for any website because it is used for marketing purpose. Many web site designers and CMS web developers failed to apply best structure in their website footer which can bring more visitors and reduce site bounce rate

Here are the top website’s footer design for online marketing

1. Sony website’s footer is properly organised their website footer into categories. Visitors can clearly see the location of the information they are searching. Whether the categories and link title are done or listed on purpose, these footer links will serve as site keywords.
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Basic Website Security Plug-ins To Avoid Search Engine Penalty

Most of the website owner from small businesses and even corporate institutions do not know the technicality of the website, its CMS capabilities and the method of safeguarding their company website from hackers, harmful scripts and spammers.

website security

website security

This is because they rely on the web design company on maintenance, security and support. No problem about this since it is part of the package. However, experienced in this business tell me that even the presence of experienced  programmer and system administrator do not guarantee of your website safety.

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