Best steps to block spam referrals in Google analytics

Do you see huge traffic from your website coming from referrals? Is the direct traffic more than Google traffic. If yes you are indeed targeted randomly by spammers. What you need is a good setup for filters through your GA account.

I have been battling the spam bots for more than 2 months. They always have new domain after i filtered them. The good thing is that they have reduce as a sign of success. So i am sharing with how you can filter well your unwanted website visitors.

1. Go to you admin account and choose view menu right on the top of your dashboard.
2. Click the filter from known bots and save.
3. Set up specific urls that you want to filter

4. Go to admin again
5. Filter
6. Add new filter
7. Under Create new filter
8. Spam bot1
9. Custom
10. On Select field menu choose Campaign source
11. Paste this pattern||||||buy-cheap-|||||

12. Click verify filter and save

Do the same procedure for spam bot2|||||||||||||


The State of Perth Web Design Industry

Why we need to discuss the status of web and graphics design industry in Perth?

Perth City WA

Perth City WA

This is because Perth City is the biggest city in terms of land area and the capital of West Australia. The industry around this City have boomed so much for the past 10 years. Perth City is comparable with Queensland, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Gold Coast but in terms of land area Perth are the biggest. While Sydney, Melbourne and Gold Coast have business competition due to its proximity, Perth does not have any competitor so all local and foreign investment will proceed straight to the city.

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