How to critic a graphic designs

These are the comments made by senior graphic artist as they create design for a mobile app web page.

1. make sure to use the fonts in the company brand
2. use the same button design as the other pages of the live web site
3. change the display of the app using our iphone app development projects
4. for the mobile app strategies, use the same pattern as the homepage for consistency.
5. what makes us different section: the images of the app looks not proportion. Please also make the bullet icons unique. You can use generic bullets instead if its hard to find the icons being described can you check if we can use an off white bg color for the testimonials as we will reserve watermelon pink as highlight

6. change get a quote button color to watermelon pink like the one in the homepage
7. use actual logos of our app clients
8. when you are done, please mock up the responsive layout of the page.


Complete Website Elements for Your Home and Service Pages

mobilecompatibleMany times entrepreneurs find a web development company to come up with new design ideas for their business websites. It goes as far as the entrepreneurs rely only from the inputs of web designers reducing their own responsibilities to manage the project.  The responsibility of the project now forwarded to the project managers while the entrepreneurs are now relying on the update and communication without providing needed directions. 

The truth is that the businessman from Perth should be aware of  every detailed elements of the website because these are the areas which helps the conversion of sales and growth of the company. Continue reading