Why You Should Use other Tools aside from Google Webmaster

For two months i was wondering what happen to this website since it perform poorly even it was well design, quality content and brand is very clear.

I have been visiting the the Google webmaster and found nothing erroneous. I also submit this site to social media hoping it can get some notice. Yes it did get some but lost the traffic the next day.

The this morning i check the website using href tool and found these urls.


bad pages created by hacker with inbound links going to these pages. To my surprise these pages was not indexed by Google yet it was penalised as evident by poor traffic.





Websites to be blocked because it can ruin your Google analytics and server

Here is the list of websites that need to be blocked in your server to get this 2 major benefits.

SPAMDOMAIN1. Get legitimate statistics from Google Analytics

2.  Conserve SERVER resources for legitimate website visitors

If you visit your Google analytics and server log, you will find these urls keep on visiting your website. They even take over the majority of visitors in your site . Your site could be down because of DOS or denial of service due to too much query coming from this urls.

buttons-for-website.com –
make-money-online.7makemoneyonline.com –
forum.topic39587208.darodar.com –
sponsoredlinx.com –
semalt.com –
priceg.com –
blackhatworth.com –
econom.co –
prodvigator.ua –
search.snapdo.com –
search.webssearches.com –
urlspy.co –

To block these website all you need to do is get the IP and set up blocking IP in your hosting server.